Little know facts about our Presidents

pointing out little know facts

These blog postings are very simple. The design here is to not insult any President. Just pointing out little know facts about the decisions they were forced to make. I also intend to point out some of their humor. They all had it but some just kept it inside themselves better than others. Again, there is no intent to insult because sitting behind that desk in the Oval Office is a huge debt of responsibility for which all of American owes to our Presidents.

I do not take any credit for these articles unless I add something of value to the general blog post. I’ve been asked why there isn’t a blog post for President Trump. Until he settles in as President I don’t see much of a point of adding a post for him. He doesn’t seem to act very “Presidential” with his outlandish remarks and almost daily tweets to say how great someone is or to ridicule someone. Again, not very “Presidential.”

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