Decision Points

“Decision Points”, easy said but difficult to achive. Many people don’t like to make a decision. Their point of view is “When in doubt” don’t do anything. Well, there are three type of decisions, a good one, a bad one but the worst of all is indecision. I believe in the policy of making a decision. If it is Good then great. If it is bad then adjust the decision until it is good. However, indecision is the worse that can be done. I promise the American people that I will make strong and firm desisions. You will see as I lay out my plan for America that I have a better plan and will lay it out in due time. But the details are to come later. There is a reason for this which is keep your plan to yourself until you need to go out and explain the plan. Why? Because there are people out there that will take my plan and use it for their our purpose. That is why I want to keep the details to myself for now. But, in general terms this is where I am heading.

  • China Trade and what must be done to reduce our Massive Deficit with China. We Cannot continue to run $30 Billion Monthly deficits with China. We are at Decision Points and it is time to make that decision. Do we want the US to be a Chinese province or stand up for what we believe? Look at it this way, major corporations such as Apple and IBM have big investments in their foreign operations in China. I say this, if you want to sell to the Federal Government then you have to make the products in the US.
  • Outsourcing Jobs to Foreign Countries and what to do about it? First identify companies that are thinking of outsourcing. Then, work with the department of commerce and let’s talk about ways to keep the jobs here. While I do have a plan to bring jobs back we need to also have a plan to keep jobs from leaving in the first place.