Spence Snyder President 2020

Because I need to explain my life I thought it would be a good idea to get this process underway. I’ve haven’t said that I am perfect – far from it is more the case. However, I do have my benefits which I will add to this page as time permits. I do have my faults which I will own up to and tell everyone how they happened and what I did to resolve them.

  • First is my working overseas experience I worked in the People’s Republic of  China for six years. Then Indonesia for three years and Singapore for a year plus Saudia Arabia and Bahrain for two years. While doing that I was working with people that were middle level income. I got to know them and get an understanding of their problems. This is something that the US State Department doesn’t understand. This is a perfect example of Hillary Clinton. Fly somewhere and stay for two days meeting with high level local officals and then leave. She had no idea what was really going on in that area of the world. This is why our ambassador to Libya (among others) was killed. Zero help from the State Department. This annoys me very much.
  • My tax returns I plan on giving my tax returns to an independent auditor. I do not plan to release the actual returns but will release the results from the independent auditor. Understanding the tax code and taking advantage of that code, where possible, is a smart thing to do. Just by placing a simple phone call to the IRS at (800) 829-7650 you can gain a considerable amount of information. I encourage all Americas to understand their rights with regard to the tax code and where possible take advantage of that code.
  • Religion Because I need to explain my life I was raised as a Baptists in rural Indiana in the early 1960’s. Very different than Southern Baptists. When I moved to Houston, TX that is where I had my first real encounter with Southern Baptists. Not better or worse just different and that pretty well sums it up. Later in live I attended a church service on Palm Sunday at a Catholic church which I enjoyed very much. Completely different that a Baptist viewpoint.