Visions for America

This page is where I layout a general idea of what I will do as President #46. Visions for America where I go into some detail but I cannot go into great detail. I can’t go into great detail since Visions for American is still evolving and it is too early to go into details. However, details will be available for Visions for America as they are developed. Below is a general list of what I would do when elected as President #46 from day one.

  • Deal with the trade from China. One thing that we need to do is understand the valued relationship with China. We can not just stop trade. However, we are running a huge trade deficit which MUST be looked at and adjusted. We can not just simply shut off trade with China. We need to have a slow and steady adjustment in trade. Think of it this way. We are partners in trade with China. In order to have a true partnership both sides must benefit. So far, all we see from the trade data is that the US is on the wrong side of this equation.
  • Do something about radical religions. Before 9/11 and the planes flying into both World Trade Center Towers the worst terrorist attack was the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building carried out by two American Citizens (Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols). This attack killed 168 people. There are radicals from other religions as well. We need to deal with all of them as well
  • Start a pilot program, with a limited number of companies, to encourage American companies that have Call Centers overseas to move them back to the US. The companies in the pilot program will receive some funding of federal dollars in order to help them identify American companies that have taken their call centers overseas. I expect that by moving them back as home based jobs we will be very cost effective against overseas call centers. One thing that is very good about Call Centers is that they do not have to be “Brick and Morter” style buildings. There can be large call center buildings but having people work from home reduces costs all the way around. Companies like IBM, CitiBankcould learn a lesson from Discover We have a benefit here that we must take advantage of which is American workers.
  • Outsourcing of current jobs in the US will be taxed very heavy. Why? Companies like IBM will have to pay more taxes on the number of jobs that are going overseas. The reasoning for this is that if the Federal, State and Local governments are giving away tax benefits to bring jobs back to the US why shouldn’t we penalize companies that outsource to countries like India? That just doesn’t make any sense. Perhaps, giving those companies part of the “Bring Back Jobs to America” benefits would keep those jobs here. Keeping jobs here in the US is far better than trying to win those jobs back. This is just business common sense.